Duplicate Canasta Tournaments

Engage in Duplicate Canasta Tournaments where the only variable is you! Rule out luck as a factor since everyone plays with the same cards and decks. Take part in daily tournaments and play as many times as you want.

Most Duplicate tournaments consist of playing 6 hands with initial melds of 125-155-180-125-155-180 (some tournaments may have 3 or 9 hands instead).

Learn from your mistakes, improve your score, compete against other players results, and become a winner!

Playing Duplicate Canasta

  • You must be logged in to your CJ Account to play in a Duplicate tournament
  • All new players receive 50 CJ Tokens at registration
  • Select Duplicate on the Main Menu
  • Select a Tournament:
Tournament nameMinimum LevelMaximum LevelPlays LimitEntry Fee*Number of handsScoringRewards Quantities**
Daily FreeNoneNoneOnly onceFree3Total ScoreNo rewards
Score Difference NoneNone Unlimited 30 CJ Tokens 6 Score Difference 10,7, 5, 3, 2
Masters None None One time 30 CJ Tokens 6 Score Difference 10, 7, 5, 3, 2
Intermediate1 49 Unlimited 20 CJ Tokens 6 Total Score 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


20 Unlimited10 CJ Tokens 3 Total Score 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Champion None NoneUnlimited 5 Prime Points 6 Total Score 15, 12, 10, 9, 8
Spade None None Unlimited 25 CJ Tokens 6 Total Score 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Heart NoneNone Unlimited25 CJ Tokens6Total Score5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Diamond None None Unlimited 25 CJ Tokens 6 Total Score 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Club None None Unlimited 25 CJ Tokens 6 Total Score 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
* Entry fee is charged every time a tournament is played.
** All rewards are given in PrimePoints. Currently, we are rewarding the Top 5 players. Example : [5,4,3,2,1], here the first 5 players receive 5 for the first, 4 for the second, 3 for the third, etc
  • Click Play to start.
  • Not enough tokens? Check your balance at any time on Main Menu > Account
  • All events are updated daily at 7 am
  • Winners are posted on our Facebook page! Click on the Facebook icon in the Home screen

There are two Score structures:

  • Total Score: The sum of your scores in all hands.
  • Score Difference: Your total score minus your opponents’ total score.

NOTE: Display all hands at the end is available only in Solitaire and Live Play modes (Duplicate doesn’t show all hands for obvious fairness/competitive reasons)

Buying CJ Tokens

To purchase additional CJ Tokens, just open the CJ app, and click on Get CJ Tokens at the top.

  • If you are on a iPad or iPhone app, the App Store will take care of the transaction, using your credit card on Apple’s database, or your Apple Pay account
  • In case you are using an Android device, Play Store will handle the transaction, using the payment method added in your Play Store account.
  • Customers using a web browser can pay with a credit card*. The transaction is securely performed by a third party payment processor
  • For security reasons, Canasta Junction does not keep or store your payment credit card information

Need more help? Visit our support page