Connectivity Issues

NOTE: In order to avoid issues connecting to your live game, please ensure that all players have updated their iPhone/iPad to the new CJ Version 4.5. Computer users should now play on the new web browser app.

Connectivity issues can be frustrating! In most cases, the issues are related to internet bandwidth issues, but in rare cases they are also caused by software bugs. Sometimes, an operating system (iOS, macOS, Windows) update or patch creates new bugs that didn’t exist before.

Canasta Junction requires a constant connection. Intermittent service may not affect you while surfing the web or checking your email, but may cause issues while playing on online games like Canasta Junction.

Before you get frustrated, try standard solutions:

  • Close or Force Quit the App and Relaunch
  • Shut down your device and restart it
  • Restart your modem and/or wi-fi Router

Keep reading for additional tips.

My App says “Disconnected, Please Restart”

Your FIRST step is to close the app AND ALL OTHER APPS by force quitting them (Use the “Swish” method). See the links above for details. Then relaunch. If the problem persists, keep reading below:

This is not a glitch of the app. We have more than 3000 people playing the game at any given time and only a very small number can’t get online. WE KNOW THAT IF THIS IS YOU OR ONE OF YOUR PLAYERS IT IS INFURIATING! There are only a few suggestions that we can give to help fix your problem. More often, this happens when your internet connection is not consistently connected. It can happen if the app has been idle for a while, if there is a lot of traffic on your network or if there is an outage in your area. In addition, we now have reports from users that WERE disconnected and FIXED the problem. In many cases, this was due to ANTI-VIRUS software or malware on the computer preventing the access needed for Canasta Junction live games. When fixed… the problem and disconnects are solved.

Please run a good virus check and malware on your computer and seek advise from a technician to assist with this process. Other things you can try include:

  1. Shut down your device and restart
  2. Shut down your router and restart Unplug your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect. EVEN if you are connecting to other internet sites, if your connection drops intermittently, it will disrupt your live game. Resetting the router often helps.
  3. Close the App and restart
  4. Uninstall the app and reinstall
  5. Shut down all other devices that might be on your network
  6. Make sure that you are NOT connected to FaceTime, Zoom, House Party, Netflix or other streaming apps at the same time that consume bandwidth
  7. If you have a cellular connection, try that instead of your Wi-Fi (if that works, it confirms your Wi-Fi is the issue)
  8. Contact your internet service company and see if they can adjust the settings on your router
  9. Try and join at another time​

If you are unable to connect, you can still play ACE which does not require a connection.

I Was Connected; Now I’m Not

If you are having issues connecting to play live, please try to connect through a cellular connection (either on your iPhone without Wi-Fi or through a “hot spot” or a direct connect with ethernet cable to your computer). Then test your connectivity. If you are able to connect, this means there is an issue with your Wi-Fi settings that is preventing an open connection. Please contact your service provider and explain that you can’t connect by Wi-Fi but have no issue with a direct connection. Ask for them to check or reset your settings.

Friends Get Online But I Can’t

Please read about disconnects on this page. Also note, that people on IPHONES will usually have both Wi-Fi AND Cellular connections. If there IS a problem with their Wi-Fi preventing them from getting online on their computer, they often can get online with their phone … because the phone has a back up connection through cellular service. 

Please check virus protection programs to make sure you do not have malware on your computer. This is very often the cause of the disconnects.

I Can’t Join a Live Play Game

You must be LOGGED in to Canasta Junction in order to play a LIVE GAME. If you can’t get into a game, first check that you are logged in. If you are, make sure the game name is correct – as they are case sensitive, likewise with the password.

If a game host has NOT given you a password for a game (it is NOT the same as your APP password) and the game has a padlock on it – you will not be able to enter as it is a private game. 

If you can’t find an open game to join – why not create one yourself?

If you need additional help, please contact us.