Canasta Junction Account & Password

Before you can play a live game, you must log in to Canasta Junction. On CJ home, click on Sign in / Sign Up:

  • Sign Up – All players new to CJ must first register with a unique Username, Password, and Email Address.
  • Sign In – Use your Username and Password for logging in.

Important: All fields are CasEseNsitiVe, avoid spaces and special characters except for the @ sign in your email address. 
Reminder: Usernames and Passwords have no spaces or special characters.

Recover Username / Reset Password

If you can’t remember your Username or Password:

  • Click on Forgot Password?
  • Enter the email address provided when you created your CJ account. The email is also case sensitive!
  • Click on Send Reset Link

An Email Sent popup will be displayed, meaning your request was successful. In a few minutes you will receive an email from Canasta Junction with instructions for reseting your Password. If you can’t find it, please check your spam folder.

If you see an Error Occurred popup instead, CJ was unable to find your email in our database. Possible solutions:

  • You may have used a different email address when you created your account. Try a different one
  • Don’t forget email addresses in our databases are also CasEseNsitiVe! Try a variation of your email address (all letters in lowercase, all in uppercase or just the first letter in uppercase)

Forgot Username: The email message received includes the [Username] associated with your email address. If you remember your Password, you don’t need to reset it! Just go back to Canasta Junction and log in.

Need to Reset Password: Click on the long link in the instructions email. Your browser will open a webpage Reset Your Password for Canasta. Enter a new Password and click Change Password.

Don’t forget your username and Password are CasE seNsitiVe! Store them in a safe place.

Changing the Username ​for an Existing Account

​If you must change your user name, please contact us. If the new Username is available and appropriate, we’ll update your account and send you a confirmation. Note that the email address you provide in your request must match the one registered in our database for the account in question. For security reasons, we may send you an email message for validation.

If you need additional help, please contact us.