Canasta Junction Live Play Subscription

Annual subscription is now available for just $59.99!
​Pay for only 10 months and get the last two months free!*

In order to ensure Canasta Junction can continue to invest in providing the best gaming experience to all players, we have completed the transition to a subscription pricing model for all the platforms where the game is available (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows PC, and Mac).

With this change, all users are allowed to play solitaire without subscribing.

This will help novice players to practice and learn faster, as well as motivates Classic Canasta players to give Modern Canasta a try (we know they’ll love it!). Additionally, if you don’t have time for a full game, you can leave a solitaire game and the robots will not care.

A subscription is now required for playing with other users on Live Play mode. All new users joining Canasta Junction are offered a one-month free trial subscription, so they can meet and play with friends. After that, the subscription for Live Play is $5.99/month or $59.99/year*. You can use the same subscription on any device you like: iPad, iPhone, Android or your computer’s browser! 

Want to upgrade your iPhone/iPad monthly subscription to the annual plan and save? Here is how!

​* US prices. The annual plan pricing in the US cost approximately the same as 10 months on the monthly plan. In other countries/currencies, prices and discount will vary. This is due to Apple’s rigid tiered pricing structure for international markets.

Why a subscription?

Once we released a new Canasta Junction version, we had to choose between charging computer users a software upgrade license or transitioning our pricing structure to a subscription. A subscription has many advantages over software licenses:

  • Allows us to release new features more frequently for all users, instead of waiting for the next upgrade version
  • It ensures all players have the best user experience, by always using the latest version
  • It allows users to play on multiple devices with the same subscription: play on your Mac or Microsoft Windows computer now and play later on your iPhone or iPad!
  • With a subscription model, the Canasta Junction team is able to invest more in product development. Our goal is to release updates more frequently, with new features and improved performance! 

​For all those reasons, almost every software and gaming developer has already transitioned to a subscription pricing model (Microsoft Office, Antivirus makers, App Store games…)

How much is the Live Play subscription?

Once the trial period is over, the subscription cost will be $5.99 USD per month (price may vary for customer outside the USA). An annual subscription is also available at a discounted price of $59.99. If you are currently in a monthly subscription on your iPhone/iPad, upgrade your subscription plan now! ( click here to learn how to upgrade)

​* Annual plans cost about the same as 10 months on the monthly plan, but discounts may vary depending on the currency and sales channel.

Does everyone need to update?

Yes! In order to improve the user experience, Canasta Junction servers have been standardized. 

  • As a result, players need to update to the latest version to ensure they can meet their friends on the same server.

​Update to the latest CJ version now! Here is how:

  • If you are on an iPad or iPhone, click here to visit the app store and update.
  • If you are on an Android device, click here to visit the Google Store and download/update.
  • Mac and Windows PC users should uninstall the old CJ version ( here is how). Then, just click here to play (add this link to your bookmark list/favorites, or just click on the “Play on Computer” in our homepage.

I play Live on my iPad and my Laptop. Do I need two subscriptions?

​No. All subscribers are allowed to play live on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, Mac, Windows PC), independently of where they purchased the subscription (Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store or on the browser version).

I only play Solitaire and Duplicate Canasta modes. Do I need a subscription?

As of now, all CJ users will have access to Solitaire and Duplicate tournaments without a subscription. As before, CJ Tokens are required to play in Duplicate Canasta tournaments.

Transferring CJ to a new iPhone or iPad

Make sure your new device is signed in to the same Apple account (also known as Apple ID) than the old one, where the subscription was purchased. You can check which is which by following these directions:

  1. ON THE DEVICE that HAS Canasta Junction, Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down to iTunes App Store.
  4. Take note of the account email.
  5. ​ON NEWER OPERATING SYSTEMS (or if no iTunes App Store exists):
  6. ​Select Your name at the very top (under your name it will say Apple ID).
  7. Scroll down to Media & Purchases, take note of the email connected.
  8. Repeat steps 1 and 2 (or 1 and 3) on the other device – if the account is different than the original unit, you must log out and log in with that username and password.
  9. Go to the App Store and find Canasta Junction – download should appear as a cloud with a down arrow and not $14.99.

How Do I Check My Subscription Status?
  1. Open Canasta Junction app
  2. Go to your CJ account by tapping/clicking on your CJ username in the top right-hand corner
  3. Go to Manage Subscription
  4. According to the platform you are subscribed from, you will be given the instructions to check your subscription status (IOS and Android) or show your current subscription info (Web)

I play on different Apple Mobile Devices

Do I need more than one subscription?
​No, if both devices are connected to the same Apple account (also known as Apple ID). Checking your Apple ID is easy: open the Settings app. Click on the <Name> at the top. The device’s Apple ID will be listed under the name (an email address in most cases). Remember that you may always change the Apple ID on your devices.

I updated on my iPhone but can’t play on my iPad.
Make sure both devices are updated and are connected to the same Apple ID (see above). If they are the same, Log Out and back in again and select Restore. If you still can’t get the subscription active, please fully delete the app and redownload (make sure you see the cloud with down arrow and not just “OPEN”), then go to your Account, Log In and select Restore.

Once I subscribed, can I cancel?

Absolutely! Live Play subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Just make sure you cancel it before it is renewed. For more information, please contact us .

May I share my iPhone/iPad subscription with Family Sharing?

iPhone/iPad license owners can share their Canasta Junction subscription with family members. More info for setting up Family Sharing can be found  here.

If you are having problems connecting with Family Share:

  1. Delete CJ from your device (be sure it is fully deleted and not just removed from the home screen)
  2. In the App Store – click on the circle in the upper right corner (may have your initial or photo in it)
  3. Select Purchases
  4. Select Family Share
  5. Select your Family Member’s name who originally purchased CJ
  6. Find CJ and download (if you correctly deleted the app it should show up as a cloud with down arrow)

Log in on the accounts page and select restore (to restore the subscription previously signed up with by the other family member)

If you need additional help, please contact us.