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Canasta Junction offers an immersive and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. As the only Modern Canasta app officially endorsed by the Canasta League of America®, you can trust the quality and authenticity of the gameplay.

Practice your skills or enjoy a casual game anytime with a free Canasta game against computer AI opponents. The bots are designed to provide challenging gameplay and simulate real-player strategies, ensuring a competitive experience even when playing alone.

Connect, chat and play with Canasta enthusiasts from around the world and engage in exciting real-time multiplayer matches. Play with your friends online or meet new opponents in thrilling head-to-head competitions.


  • Play and chat with real people
  • Add robots to table as needed
  • Subscribe and play one month for free
  • Save over 16% with the annual plan


  • Compete on daily tournaments
  • All competitors play the same cards
  • Rule out luck, challenge yourself!
  • Special tournaments for beginners


  • Practice your skills against AI robots
  • Play even on airplane mode
  • Get points towards your next CJ Rank
  • Great for developing your game!

The ultimate Canasta Junction experience!

After your trial, continue the fun for just $5.99 USD per month (prices may vary outside the USA) or grab our exclusive annual subscription for only $59.99!

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Canasta on the Web

Now, you can play Canasta Junction directly on their web browser! In order to share with as many players as possible, you will also be able to compare your tournament results with other players in Facebook.

Canasta on a mobile device

Leave your living room and play canasta anywhere on your phone or tablet! Canasta Junction is available on Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store. You have no excuses not to join us!

Modern Canasta

Modern American Canasta is widely played, particularly in the United States. It involves four players in fixed partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other. The objective is to be the first team to reach a cumulative score of 8500 points or more, or to have more points if both teams reach this threshold simultaneously. A 108-card pack is used, consisting of two 52-card standard packs combined with 4 jokers. Each player is dealt 13 cards. In this game, twos and jokers act as wild cards, while threes hold special significance.

Canasta Junction features

  • Play Modern American Canasta in accordance with the Canasta League of America‘s rules and regulations.
  • Create a private table (2 or 4 players) to play and chat
  • Live Play now includes audio chat, so you can talk to your friends while playing!
  • Practice your game skills in Solitaire mode against the robots, our advanced Artificial Intelligence players, even if you are offline
  • Create a player profile and track your statistics and rank
  • Compete on daily Duplicate Canasta tournaments sanctioned by the CLA
  • Settings allow customizing house rules
  • Add robots to Live Play as needed
  • Cross-platform support: iOS, Android, or any computer with a web browser

Play online Canasta Junction with your friends!